Fraud Risk Management

Cotton & Company offers comprehensive, cost-effective solutions tailored to help your organization reduce the risk of fraud to an acceptable level. Since every organization is unique, we can work with you to provide the right mix of services.

Fraud Awareness Training

Organizations need the right tools and training to help ensure that employees are knowledgeable of potential fraud indicators, are able to recognize fraud schemes, and can consider basic fraud prevention techniques in the execution of their duties. Cotton & Company provides training in classroom, web-based, and blended formats.

Fraud Policies and Procedures Development

Cotton & Company can help organizations set the “tone at the top” by implementing fraud risk management policies and the associated procedures. These policies and procedures are tailored to individual organizations, to help reduce the risk of fraud and facilitating a proper response when fraud occurs or is suspected to have occurred.

Fraud Prevention and Detection Profile Assessment

Cotton & Company assists organizations in assessing their current fraud prevention and detection profile and identifying areas of weakness using nationally-recognized scorecards developed in part by our founder, Dave Cotton. The fraud profile assessment serves as a baseline as we help your organization recognize specific fraud risk areas.

Fraud Risk Identification and Internal Controls

Cotton & Company can help identify specific fraud risks and the associated internal controls that address those risks. Through this process, we identify internal control gaps that expose your organization to fraud and make recommendations on efficient and effective ways to close the gaps.

Fraud Prevention and Detection Controls Testing

To determine the operating effectiveness of fraud prevention and detection controls, the controls need to be tested. Cotton & Company can perform testing or facilitate testing, and summarize testing results in a synthesized manner that is meaningful to audit committees, top executives, and other leaders.

Fraud Prevention and Detection Controls Maintenance

Through ongoing or periodic monitoring of internal controls, we can help ensure that an organization’s fraud prevention and detection programs are up-to-date for new and modified business processes, changing risk environments, and evolving organizational structures.

Fraud Investigation

Knowing where to turn when you suspect fraud in your organization can be difficult. Cotton & Company’s team of experts provide an unbiased, objective investigation and help you navigate your way through the uncertainty that accompanies occurrences of fraud.

Fraud Risk Management Leadership Team


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