Claims Preparation and Analysis


Since 1994, Cotton & Company has provided analysis on a variety of claims against federal and state governments and commercial organizations. Using our knowledge of professional standards and our emphasis on objectivity, we prepare claims that have resulted in significant recoveries for our clients. Similarly, the results of our claim analyses have been favored by the courts and assist with settlements. We have varied claim preparation and analysis experience, including:

Claim Types Claim Methodologies
Defective Specification Eichleay Formula
Differing Site Conditions Lost Profits
Disruption Measured-Mile
Government Delays Subcontractor Pass-Through Claims
Other Government Breaches Total Cost Claims
Reprocurement Costs

Claims Preparation and Analysis Projects

Construction of Federal Courthouses and U.S. Customs House
International Sewer Pipeline Relocation and Flood Control
Miami International Airport Expansion
Natural Gas Pipeline Installation
Republic of Palau Roadway Construction
Singapore Embassy Construction
U.S. Customs and Border Protection Training Center Construction