Mission, Vision, & Values


Cotton & Company is committed to serving the public interest, exceeding client expectations, supporting our community, and providing career-enhancing opportunities for our personnel. Our success providing assurance and advisory services is the result of the professional skills and integrity of our people.


To be chosen and trusted because of the values we live by and the value we provide.


Cotton & Company’s core values and value statements, which govern all practice areas, are:

Integrity | Independence | Dedication | Quality | Leadership | Teamwork | Balance

Exceed Standards & Expectations.

Dedication | Quality | Leadership
Show pride in your work, precision in your process, and ownership of your career.

Look Beyond Your Job Title. Be Well-rounded.
Balance | Dedication
Practice a credo that enables you to grow professionally and personally.

Respect and Empower Each Other.
Carry your weight, respect your team and their time, and help where you can.

Be Ethical.
Integrity | Dedication | Leadership
Do the right thing. Always.

Be Objective & Independent.
Integrity | Independence
Stay free from influence, interests, and agendas.